Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

● Symbols used in this Instructions booklet:
: Warning for preventing camera malfunction.
: Supplementary notes for basic camera operation.
: Helpful tip for operating your camera and taking pictures.
• Page numbers in parentheses indicate where you can find more
• Also read “Handling Precautions” on page 6 to prevent faulty
pictures and camera mishaps.
• Retain this Instructions manual for future reference.
Thank you for purchasing a Canon product.
The EOS-3 is the world’s first high-performance AF single-lens reflex
camera with Eye-Control area AF. The camera’s many features can suit
diverse picture-taking requirements from fully automatic operations to
highly specialized applications. It also retains the simple electronic dial
operation found on other top-tier EOS cameras.
Before using the camera, read this Instructions booklet and familiarize
yourself with the camera.
● Precautions
• Before using the camera for important events such as a weddings,
be sure to take test shots to make sure the camera operates
• EOS cameras have a lens mount fitted with electrical contacts for
dedicated operation (autofocusing, exposure control, etc.) with
Canon EF lenses. Using a non-EF lens with an EOS camera may
not result in proper camera or lens operation.
Also, the warranty does not cover any malfunction or damage
occurring with the use of non-Canon lenses.
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