Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

Eye-Control Focusing
Point Selection
Set the <
> switch to <
Look at the subject covered by the
area AF ellipse and press the
shutter button halfway.
• The selected focusing point will light and
achieve focus.
Focusing Point Selection
The focusing point selection takes
effect after 6 seconds or when the
shutter button is pressed halfway.
The focusing point selection method can be altered with the Custom Function 
CF-11. See page 116.
Custom Function CF-10 can prevent or limit the lighting up of the focusing point.
See page 114.
Before you can accurately select a focusing point with Eye Control, calibration will be
required. For details, see “Eye-Control Calibration” on page 42 and “Eye-Control
One-Shot AF” on page 47.
When the <
> button is pressed while the <
> is pressed, the <
> dial can
be turned to select a focusing point toward the top or bottom.
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