Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

Set the <
> switch to <
Set the <
> switch to <
• CAL and the calibration channel No. will
be displayed. A blinking channel No.
means that no calibration data is stored. If
the channel No. does not blink, it means
that calibration data has been stored in
that channel.
Focusing Point Selection
Eye-Control Calibration
Before using Eye-Control AF, you must calibrate the camera to recognize
your eye movements. The camera will then be able to detect where you
are looking in the viewfinder.
Calibration Procedure
You calibrate the camera by looking at a blinking focusing point in the
viewfinder and then pressing the shutter button. You do this for four
focusing points while holding the camera horizontally and again while
holding the camera vertically. Therefore, you have to follow the calibration
procedure eight times.
There are three calibration channels (CAL 1, 2, 3) which can store
different calibration data.
For example, you can store calibration data in channel 1 for your naked
eye and channel 2 for when you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.
Channel 3 can be used to store calibration data for another user.
• Keep your eye on the viewfinder eyepiece until you complete the calibration procedure.
• In the same calibration channel, do the calibration procedure for both the horizontal and
vertical camera orientations.
If the calibration procedure is done only for the horizontal camera orientation, Eye-
Control AF during vertical picture-taking may be inaccurate. You should complete
the calibration procedure for both horizontal and vertical camera orientations in a
calibration channel.
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