Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

After you complete the calibration
procedure, the channel No. stops
blinking and stays lit. “
” is also
• If you take too long during the calibration
procedure and the blinking focusing point
turns off, press the shutter button and start
again from step 4.
After completing the horizontal
calibration procedure, calibrate for the
vertical camera orientation. Hold the
camera vertically. The calibration
sequence corresponds to the focusing
points numbered from (5) to (8) in the
• When the camera is held vertically with the
grip upward or downward, the focusing
points will still blink in the following order:
top, bottom, right, left.
• For this procedure, use the same
calibration channel No. you used for the
horizontal calibration procedure.
Hold the camera vertically and
press the shutter button.
• Focusing point (5) will start blinking.
Follow the same steps described in
steps 4 to 6 for focusing points (5)
to (8).
Focusing Point Selection
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