Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

Focusing Point Selection
Set the <
> switch to <
> to end
the calibration procedure.
• The viewfinder display returns to normal.
• Calibration may not be possible if you wear mirror-type sunglasses.
• If Eye-Control AF cannot be used, use automatic or manual focusing point
selection. See page 38.
Eye-Control Calibration Refinement
Eye-Control precision can be improved by repeating the calibration
procedure under various conditions (outdoors, indoors, at night, etc.) for
the same channel No. The additional eye-related data can accumulate in
the same channel No. for both the horizontal and vertical camera
• A  calibration channel must not store calibration data for more than one person. Otherwise
Eye-Control precision will be affected. A different user should use a different calibration
channel that is available. Or, existing calibration data should be deleted to store new
calibration data. See page 46.
Calibration Tips
• Relax your shoulders and hold the camera steady in a natural posture.
• Align your line of sight with the center of the viewfinder.
• Instead of looking at the blinking focusing point itself, look at the point beyond it.
• If you wear eyeglasses, wear them properly without having them slide down your
If the calibration is not completed properly, the beeper will sound and the LCD panel
display items will blink. In such a case, press the shutter button again and start again
from step 4.
CAL is an abbreviation for calibration.
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