Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

Depth-of-field AE (DEP): You Set the Depth of Field
Press the shutter button completely
to take the picture.
Set the <
> to <
• Make sure the correct CAL No. has been
set. See page 42.
While pressing the <
button, turn the <
> dial until
DEP appears on the LCD panel.
Release the <
> button.
Depth-of-field AE with a Camera-Selected Focusing Point
• The camera selects the center focusing point for depth-of-field AE. Follow the
same procedure as for “Depth-of-field AE with a Manually-Selected Focusing
Point” while using the center focusing point to set the DEP points.
• Be sure to complete each step within 6 seconds (before the viewfinder display
turns off) after removing your finger from the shutter button. Otherwise, the DEP
settings will be canceled and you will have to start over.
Depth-of-field AE with Eye-Selected Focusing Points
With Eye Control, you can set the DEP points by looking at the focusing
point. This is the easiest way.
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