Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

6. Autoexposure Bracketing (AEB)
With autoexposure bracketing, the camera automatically changes the
exposure level within the set range for three successive frames. The
bracketing amount centers on the standard exposure (or exposure
compensation setting), and the exposure can be varied up to ±3 stops in
1/3-stop increments. The three bracketed shots are exposed in the
following sequence: standard exposure, underexposure, and
overexposure. The film advances in the current film advance mode (see
“Switching the Film Advance Mode” on page 85).
standard exposure (0)
Underexposure (–1/3 stop)
Overexposure (+1/3 stop)
Press and hold down the 
>  button and <
button simultaneously.
• The 
AEB icon appears on the LCD
Turn the <
> dial to set the
desired bracketing amount.
• The bracketing amount is indicated
numerically and shown on the exposure
compensation scale on the LCD panel.
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