Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

Handling Precautions
About the Battery
The camera operates only after the battery is properly installed (see page
21). Check the battery power in the following cases:
(1) After replacing the battery.
(2) After not using the camera for an extended period.
(3) The shutter does not work.
(4) The camera is being used in a low-temperature environment.
(5) Before using the camera for an important event.
• Before installing the battery, wipe the battery contacts to remove any
fingerprints and smudges. This is to prevent faulty connections and
• Never disassemble or recharge the battery. Also, never store a battery
in high-temperature places or short circuit the battery contacts or toss
a battery into a fire.
• Although lithium batteries work well even in low temperatures, battery
performance may suffer slightly in freezing temperatures. In such a
case, keep a spare battery warm in a pocket, etc., and use and warm
the batteries alternately.
Low Battery Power
Even when 
is not displayed or when it blinks on the LCD panel, a
correctly-exposed picture can still be taken as long as the shutter can be
released. However, when the battery power runs out, there may not be
enough power to advance and rewind the film automatically. “
” will
then blink on the LCD panel. After the battery is replaced with a new one,
film advance will resume automatically or film rewind will continue when
the midroll film <
> is pressed.
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