Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

10. buLb Exposures
When bulb is set, the film is exposed during the time you keep pressing
the shutter button completely. Bulb is useful when a long exposure is
necessary for capturing night scenes, fireworks, and the night sky.
While pressing the <
button, turn the <
> dial until
is displayed.
Release the <
> button.
Set the <
> switch to <
Turn the <
> (or <
>) dial to
set the desired aperture.
Press and hold down the shutter
button completely for the duration
of the exposure.
• When the bulb exposure starts, the frame counter on the LCD panel counts the
elapsed exposure time from 1 to 30 seconds. After every 30 seconds, one
segment (
) on the exposure compensation scale appears and the frame
counter resets to 1. Therefore, if three segments are displayed and the frame
counter reads “30,” it means 120 seconds have elapsed.
• Bulb exposures consume almost no battery power.
• To connect a remote controller (Remote Switch 60T3, etc.) to the camera, use
Remote Switch Adapter RA-N3.
Connecting Remote Switch RS-80N3 (shutter release lock provided) or Timer
Remote Controller TC-80N3 (both sold separately) to the camera’s remote control
terminal relieves your finger from pressing the shutter button during bulb exposures.
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