Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

14. Depth-of-field Preview
The depth of field is the range of
acceptable focus in front of and behind
the point of focus. The depth of field
changes depending on the aperture.
Press the depth-of-field preview button
to stop down the aperture and preview
this range of acceptable focus.
• Pressing the depth-of-field preview button also sets AE lock.
• The depth-of-field preview button does not function during AF operation.
15. LCD Panel Illumination
The LCD panel can be illuminated.
The LCD panel illumination button
turns the illumination on (for 6 sec.)
and off. The LCD panel illumination
turns off 2 seconds after a picture is
• Pressing any button while the LCD panel is illuminated prolongs the illumination.
• The illumination turns off at the start of a bulb exposure.
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