Canon EOS 3 User Manual (en)

Flash Photography with Speedlite 550EX
FEB (Flash Exposure Bracketing)
Three successive flash shots can be bracketed automatically according to
the bracketing amount set with Canon Speedlite 550EX. Without
changing the background exposure, you can bracket the flash exposure
for the subject up to ±3 stops in 1/3-stop increments.
• Flash exposure bracketing is set with the 550EX. For details, see the 550EX’s Instructions.
• The flash exposure bracketing amount set with the 550EX can be displayed in the camera’s
• Before taking FEB pictures, be sure the Speedlite 550EX is ready. Single-frame shooting is
Modeling Flash
By using modeling flash, you can see the shadows and other flash lighting
effects produced by the flash or multiple flash units.
Check the Speedlite and camera
Press the camera’s depth-of-field
preview button.
• The Canon Speedlite 550EX fires at 70 Hz
for 1 second.
Correct exposure.
Underexposure (–1 stop).
Overexposure (+1 stop).
The flash exposure bracketing amount can also be set in half-stop increments. See
page 112.
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