Canon 10D User Guide (en)

Adjusting an Image
You can perform a variety of image adjustments, such as adjusting the 
brightness or changing the Picture Style of an image using the tool 
palette of the edit window. You can easily restore an image to its original 
settings with the [
] button even if you have made the wrong 
adjustment. Try out the various adjustments.
As an example, the procedure to adjust the brightness of an image is 
explained here.
Select the [View] menu   [Tool palette].
The image brightness changes in real time according to the 
amount of adjustments.
The tool palette does not display
Reverts the image to 
the original settings
Drag the slider left or right
Tool palette
You can adjust images with the tool palette by switching between the 
[RAW], [RGB] and [NR] tab sheets according to your editing 
Because adjustment made with the tool palette (it undergoes automatic 
development processing each time) only changes the image processing 
conditions, the “original image data itself” remains unaffected. 
Therefore, there are no problems with image deterioration that arise with 
editing and you can readjust your images any number of times.
See Chapter 2 onwards for more detailed information on the various 
functions of the tool palette.
In DPP, all the adjustment contents (image processing conditions 
information) made with the tool palette is saved to an image as data 
called a “Recipe” 
About the Tool Palette
About Recipes
For a list of tool palette functions, refer to