Canon 10D User Guide (en)

Sort item
Check mark1 - 
Check mark3
Images with check marks take priority and are 
sorted in number order.
Shooting Date/Time
Images are sorted by shooting date and time 
from the earliest.
File name
Images are sorted by file name in alphanumeric 
order (0 to 9   A to Z).
RAW priority
Images are sorted in the following order: RAW 
images   JPEG images   TIFF images
When you have attached check marks 1 to 3, the images are sorted as 
follows: If you select 1, the order is 1 2 3; if you select 2, the order is 
2 1 3; if you select 3, the order is 3 2 1.
Check mark order
Arranging Freely
Drag and drop the image to the desired location.
The image moves to the desired location.
You can also select multiple images 
 and move them.
The order is maintained until you exit DPP or until another folder 
is selected in the folder are
You can maintain the order by changing the file name with the rename 
Maintaining the order of arranged images