Canon 10D User Guide (en)

Editing an Image
This section explains how to adjust an image using the tool palette in the 
edit window.
You can easily restore an image to its original condition with the [
button even if you have made the wrong adjustment. Try out the various 
How to make adjustments using the [RAW] tool palette functions, and 
how to adjust automatically with the [RGB] tool palette are explained in 
this section.
The image changes in real time according to adjustments 
performed with the tool palette. 
To revert to the condition before the last operation performed on 
the tool palette, press the <Ctrl> + <Z> keys.
Edit window
Tool palette
You can rotate an image in the [Adjustment] menu.
You can adjust an image while comparing the image before and 
after adjustment 
You can synchronize multiple images and edit while comparing 
 for a list of edit window functions, and 
 for a list 
of tool palette functions.
You can adjust images with the tool palette by switching between the 
[RAW], [RGB] and [NR] tab sheets according to your editing 
Adjustments similar to those that can be performed with the functions of 
your camera can be performed using the functions of the [RAW] tool 
palette. When the camera settings were incorrect during shooting, or 
when the shooting result is not what you visualized, you can get closer 
to what you envisaged with the [RAW] tool palette which is similar to the 
All functions other than [RGB] tool palette automatic adjustment, and 
each function of the [NR] tool palette are explained in Chapter 3.
Editing with the Tool Palette in the Main Window
By clicking the [Tool] button 
 in the toolbar on the main window, the 
same tool palette that appears in the edit window is displayed and you 
can edit images.
About the RAW Tool Palette