Canon 10D User Guide (en)

Applying Adjustment Contents to Other Images
You can copy the image adjustment contents (recipe) adjusted with the 
tool palette and apply it to other images.
You can efficiently adjust multiple images by adjusting one image and 
applying the results of this to multiple images shot in similar shooting 
Select the adjusted image and then select the [Edit] 
menu   [Copy recipe to clipboard].
The recipe is copied.
Select the image to which the recipe is to be applied 
and then select the [Edit] menu   [Paste recipe].
The recipe is applied to the image.
The recipe 
 can be saved as a separate file from the image 
and loaded and applied to another image 
Saving Editing Results
All the contents (recipe) adjusted with the tool palette as well as the 
 range information can be saved to a RAW image or to a 
separate RAW image.
Also, each adjustment made with the tool palette 
and dust erase 
(p.49 to p.52)
 explained in Chapter 3 can also be saved to a 
RAW image.
Select the [File] menu   desired item.
Your adjustments are saved to the image.
Saving Editing Contents to a RAW Image