Canon 10D User Guide (en)

Re-Editing an Image
Only the image processing conditions are changed in images adjusted 
with the tool palette 
, so the “original image data itself” remains 
unaffected. Also, the trimming range information of a trimmed image 
 is simply saved to the image.
For this reason, you can undo any adjustments saved 
 to the 
image, trimming information, and revert to the condition when last 
saved, or when the image was shot.
Select the image that is to be re-edited.
Select the [Adjustment] menu   desired item.
The image reverts to the conditions of the selected item.
Printing an Image
This section explains how to print high-resolution photographs easily 
with the PIXMA/BJ printers compatible with the Canon printing software, 
Easy-PhotoPrint. It also explains how to print photographs using other 
You can perform the following types of photograph printing with the 
PIXMA/BJ printers compatible with the Easy-PhotoPrint:
Simple printing of RAW images
Printing with faithful colors
High quality printing using the color reproduction range of Adobe RGB 
and a PIXMA printer
To perform this printing, it is necessary to first install Easy-PhotoPrint 
version 2.1 or later on your computer.
Printing Photographs with PIXMA/BJ Printers