Canon 10D User Guide (en)

Dynamic range (width of gradation expression) from dark points to bright 
points in an image can be adjusted.
The horizontal axis shows the input level and the vertical axis 
shows the output level.
Adjusting Dynamic Range
Move to the left or rignt
Input highlight points
Move to the left or right
Input shadow points
Move downwards
Output highlight points
Move upwards
Output shadow points
A Picture Style file is an extended function of Picture Style. It is a file that 
offers effective image characteristics for an image shot in an extremely 
limited scene. With DPP, you can apply a Picture Style file to a RAW 
For detailed information and types of Picture Style files available, refer 
to Canon’s web site. Also, download the Picture Style file beforehand 
from the Canon’s web site and save to your computer.
Select the image to which a Picture Style file is to be 
Click the [Browse] button.
The [Open] dialog box appears.
Select a Picture Style file.
The Picture Style file you selected is applied to an image.
Using a Picture Style File
The Picture Style files that you can apply to the camera are files with 
the “.PF2” extension only. Furthermore, you cannot apply Picture 
Style files with the extension “.PSE” to an image; however if such a 
file is registered in the camera and the image is shot, the image will 
display correctly.