Canon 10D User Guide (en)

Example of a Tone Curve Operation
Makes medium tones brighter
Makes medium tones darker
Makes tones harder
Makes tones softer
You can adjust images with the tool palette by switching between the 
[RAW], [RGB] and [NR] tab sheets according to your editing 
The [RGB] tool palette functions are the same as ordinary image editing 
software, such as tone curve adjustment that is explained here, with 
which you can adjust RAW images.
However, because the adjustment width of the adjustment functions in 
the [RGB] tool palette is wider than [RAW] tool palette, the image color 
may be saturated, or the image quality may deteriorate if you adjust too 
much. Therefore we recommend for functions other than tone curve 
adjustment and automatic adjustment 
, that you adjust images 
using the same functions available in the [RAW] tool palette.
Refer to Chapter 5 for explanations on functions of the [RGB] tool 
palette other than tone curve adjustment.
About the RGB Tool Palette
We recommend that as a general principle you edit RAW images using 
the [RAW] tool palette. However, where the adjustment width with the 
[RAW] tool palette is not wide enough and you wish to use the special 
functions in the [RGB] tool palette, we recommend that you adjust your 
images at the necessary lowest limit with the [RGB] tool palette after 
having completed basic adjustment with the [RAW] tool palette.
Note that the [NR] tool palette 
 should only be used where noise 
reduction is required after necessary adjustments have been made with 
the [RAW] and [RGB] tool palettes.
Using the tool palette