Canon 10D User Guide (en)

Checking the dust erased spots
After step 3, you can display and check in detail the erased dust spots 
one by one by pressing the <Shift> + <F> keys. (Press the <Shift> + 
<B> keys to return to the previous dust spot.)
Canceling a specified erased dust spot only
After step 3, you can press the <Shift> + <F> keys or the <Shift> + 
<B> keys to display the erased dust spot, and then press the <Del> 
key to cancel only the erased dust spot displayed.
Switch between full screen display/normal screen display using 
shortcut keys
You can also switch between full screen display/normal screen 
display by pressing the <Alt> + <Enter> keys.
Applying the dust erasure result to another image
You can apply dust erasure to the same place in another image by 
clicking the [Copy] button to copy the dust erasure results and then 
displaying the other image to which you want to apply the results and 
clicking the [Paste] button.
Useful functions of the copy stamp window
For a list of the copy stamp window functions, refer to 
In the main window, you can also automatically erase dust spots in 
multiple images appended with Dust Delete Data.
Select multiple images appended with Dust Delete 
Data, and then select the [Adjustment] menu   
[Apply Dust Delete Data].
Dust spots in all the selected images are erased in a single 
Automatic Dust Erasure Processing in the Main Window