Canon 10D User Guide (en)

You can correct an image by pasting a section copied from another part 
of the image to an unwanted part of the image.
Follow steps 1 to 3 in “Manually Erasing Dust (Repair 
Specify the section to be copied.
Click on the section that is to be the copy source while holding 
down the <Alt> key.
To change the section that is to be the copy source, perform the 
operation above again.
To fix the position of the copy source, checkmark [Fix Copy 
Source position].
Correct the image.
Click or drag on the section you want to correct on the image. [
in the window indicates the copy source and [ ] indicates the 
copy destination.
The copied image is pasted in the position to which it was 
For [Pen type], you can select from [Brush] (the pasted image’s 
borders simulate a brush) and [Pencil] (the pasted image’s 
borders are sharp).
Click the [OK] button to return to the main window.
The [
] mark 
 is displayed on a corrected image.
Erasing Unwanted Parts of an Image (Copy Stamp Function)
Transferring a RAW Image to Photoshop
A RAW image can be converted to a TIFF image (16bit) and transferred 
to Photoshop. This function is not compatible with Windows Vista. Use 
the image transfer function on 
Only one image can be transferred at a time. To send multiple images at 
a time, refer to 
Setting Work Color Space
A different work color space from the default settings 
 can be 
set for each image.
If you set an image with a color space different to the default setting and 
then subsequently change the default color space setting 
this default setting will not be applied and the individually set color space 
will remain.
Since only the image processing conditions information changes, the 
color space of a RAW image can be changed at any time.
Select the [Tools] menu   [Transfer to Photoshop].
Photoshop starts up and the transferred image is displayed.
A single image can be transferred at a time
Compatible versions of Photoshop are CS2, CS and 7.0.
Transferred images are automatically converted to TIFF images 
(16bit) to which an ICC profile is added. The ICC profile contains 
information about [Preferences] 
 or work color space 
set for each image as described below and the appropriate color 
information is relayed to Photoshop.
Select the [Adjustment] menu   [Work color space]   
color space to be set.
A color space set individually does not change even when the 
default setting is changed
The color space of a RAW image can be changed freely as 
many times as required