Canon 10D User Guide (en)

You can specify the folder that opens when DPP is started up, and 
image quality of displayed and saved RAW images.
Default value of output resolution
You can set the resolution for RAW images converted and saved as 
JPEG or TIFF images 
General Settings
Viewing and saving RAW images
You can select from two types of image quality for displaying/saving 
RAW images: high image quality with false color reduction processing 
and noise reduction function 
 used, or high speed without false 
color processing and noise reduction function used.
[High quality]
False color reduction processing is automatically applied, and the 
image can be displayed/saved as a false color reduced-high quality 
image. Furthermore, you can use the noise reduction function 
to reduce the luminance noise and chrominance noise.
You can check the effects of the false color reduction processing and 
noise reduction function in the edit window or the edit image window 
in the [100% view] or [200% view] enlargement display.
In the [50% view] or [Fit to window] display of the edit window, edit 
image window, or any other window, the effect is difficult to check, so 
they are not applied.
We recommend that you normally set [High quality] for a balance 
between image quality and display speed.
[High speed]
Since false color reduction processing is not applied, the display 
speed of a RAW image in the edit window or the edit image window in 
the [100% view] or [200% view] enlargement display, and the time it 
takes to save a RAW image is less than in [High quality].
You cannot use the noise reduction function 
Depending on the image, it may be displayed/saved with false color 
or noise being noticeable.
The display image quality of [High quality] and [High speed] is the same 
except when the image is displayed in the [100% view] or [200% view] 
enlargement display in the edit window or the edit image window.
What is the difference between the [High quality] and [High 
speed] displays?