Canon 10D User Guide (en)

Default settings of Work color space
You can select from five types of color space 
 that is applied as a 
default setting in RAW images. Color space that has been set is applied 
as the color space when a RAW image is converted and saved 
 or printed 
If you have changed the setting, and you restart DPP, the new setting 
is applied as the default setting color space.
You can check color space that has been set in an image in the edit 
 and the edit image window 
Even if the default setting is changed, the new default setting is not 
applied to edited (i.e., adjusted using the tool palette, trimmed, dust-
erased) images. Change each one individually.
Display setting (color setting of the monitor)
Where a profile 
 is attached to the monitor you are using, you can 
display an image in more faithful colors by setting the profile.
Check mark the [Monitor profile], click the [Browse] button and in the 
dialog box that appears, select a profile for your monitor.
If you use a profile created using a third-party monitor color reader, 
images can be displayed in even more precise colors.
Changes are not applied to the edited image
You can set a color space that is different from the default settings 
for each image 
Precise coloring with a third-party monitor color reader
Setting of printing profile (color setting of the printer)
 is attached to the printer you are using to print 
images, you can print an image and simulate the colors displayed on 
screen by setting the profile. The profile that has been set is applied to 
all printing 
 except for linked printing 
Even if you set a printer profile, if you use the color adjustment function 
of the printer driver, the image may print in colors different from those 
displayed on screen.
If you are printing with a Canon inkjet printer 
, a profile 
is set automatically even when the [Printing profile] setting is not 
performed. This allows you to print easily with faithful colors.
Setting of CMYK simulation profile
You can select the color when printing in the CMYK environment of a 
printing machine, etc. from four types of profiles 
 and perform 
simulation on screen.
When CMYK simulation has been set, [CMYK] appears 
 in the bottom of the main window, edit window and edit image 
window, and colors can be checked.
To temporarily cancel CMYK simulation, press the <Ctrl> + <Y> keys.
Rendering intents when using Easy-PhotoPrint
You can set a rendering intent (matching method) for printing with Easy-
The rendering intent is ordinarily set to [Relative Colorimetric].
When colors with [Relative Colorimetric] are not satisfactory, set to 
The adjustment function of the printer driver should not be 
Automatic settings with linked printing