Canon 10D User Guide (en)

Utilizing Adjustment Contents (Recipe)
All the adjustment contents (recipe) made using the tool palette can be 
saved as an individual recipe file (extension “.vrd”) and loaded and 
applied to another image.
You can edit images efficiently by selecting and adjusting one image 
from large numbers of images shot with the same shooting environment 
and batch applying the adjustment results to a large number of images.
Contents adjusted using the tool 
palette can be handled 
individually as a recicpe file 
(extension “.vrd”).
RAW image data 
Image processing conditions information
Recipe data includes tool palette contents
Recipe data includes adjustments made with the tool palette ([RAW], 
[RGB] and [NR]). For this reason, other editing content such as 
trimming or dust-erasure (copy stamp) is not included in the recipe 
Recipes adjusted with the [RAW] tool palette can only be applied 
to RAW images
Adjustments in the [RAW] tool palette, which can only be made for 
RAW images, are not applied to a JPEG or TIFF image even if they 
are pasted.
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