Canon 10D User Guide (en)

Editing JPEG and TIFF Images
With DPP, you can adjust JPEG and TIFF images in the same way as 
RAW images using the [RGB] and [NR] tool palettes.
Because adjustment made with the tool palette only changes the image 
processing conditions, the “original image data itself” remains 
unaffected. Therefore, there are no problems with image deterioration 
that arise with editing and you can readjust your images any number of 
In DPP all the adjustments (image processing conditions information) 
made with the tool palette can be saved in the image as data called a 
, or can be saved, downloaded and applied to other 
images as a separate recipe file (extension “.vrd”).
Contents adjusted using the tool 
palette can be handled 
individually as a recicpe file 
(extension “.vrd”).
Image processing conditions information
JPEG, TIFF image data 
With the functions in the [RGB] tool palette, you can adjust JPEG and 
TIFF images with the same functions as ordinary image editing 
However, because the adjustment width of the adjustment functions in 
the [RGB] tool palette is wider than [RAW] tool palette, the image color 
may be saturated, or the image quality may deteriorate if you adjust too 
much. Therefore, take care not to adjust your images to an excessive 
You can adjust RAW images with the functions in the [RGB] tool palette. 
However, for functions other than tone curve adjustment 
automatic adjustment 
, we recommend adjusting RAW images 
using the same functions available in the [RAW] tool palette.
About the RGB Tool Palette