Canon 10D User Guide (en)

If DPP is not operating correctly, refer to the items below.
You cannot install the software if a user setting other than [Computer 
administrator] privilege or [Administrator] privilege is selected. Select 
the [Computer administrator] privilege user setting in Windows XP or 
the [Administrator] privilege user setting in Windows 2000. For 
detailed information on selecting the user setting, refer to your 
computer User’s Manual.
DPP does not operate correctly on a computer if its system 
requirements does not meet. Use DPP on a computer with compatible 
system requirement
Even if your computer has the RAM capacity (memory) described in 
the system requirement
, if other applications are running at the 
same time as DPP, you may not have sufficient RAM (memory). Exit 
any applications other than DPP.
Images that are not supported by DPP do not display. There are 
various types of JPEG and TIFF images, so JPEG images other than 
Exif 2.2 and 2.21 compatible images and TIFF images other than Exif 
compatible images may not display properly 
When a dust-erased image 
is displayed in 
a window other than the copy stamp window, it is displayed as it was 
before dust erasure was performed. Check dust-erased images in the 
copy stamp window.
Installation could not be completed correctly
DPP does not work
Images do not display properly
The image adjustment function of the [RAW] tool palette cannot be 
used on JPEG and TIFF images. Adjust these images with the [RGB] 
tool palette 
PowerShot Pro1 RAW images cannot be adjusted with the image 
adjustment function of the [RAW] tool palette. Adjust these images 
with the [RGB] tool palette 
You cannot paste (apply) rotation 
, dust erasure (copy stamp) 
 of an image to another image as a recipe. Trim the image or 
erase dust of the image using the copy/paste function in each window 
and rotate each image individually.
The adjustment contents (recipe) of RAW images that has been 
adjusted with the image adjustment function of the [RAW] tool palette 
cannot be applied to JPEG or TIFF images 
A RAW image which has a color space other than sRGB set 
 and is then converted and saved as a JPEG or TIFF 
image will appear weak in color when viewed in software that is only 
compatible with sRGB color space. In this case, set the RAW image 
color space to sRGB, convert again to a JPEG or TIFF image and 
save, and then view this image.
An image could not be adjusted
A recipe could not be pasted (applied) to another image
Color appears weak in the image when viewed with 
other software