Kodak Aptus-II User Guide (en)

Chapter 1 – Introduction
The Leaf® Aptus™ digital camera back is the world’s first camera back that 
includes a built-in (6×7 cm) LCD screen and an innovative graphic user 
interface. An integrated battery and compact flash (CF) storage card 
facilitate shooting. New hardware offers continuous non-stop shooting and 
a faster capture rate. These shooting capabilities, combined with large 
storage options, give professionals the flexibility to meet the most 
demanding shooting situations. A new raw HDR format that uses lossless 
compression to reduce file size and a completely new Leaf Capture 
application enhance workflow and teamwork both on location and in the 
This user guide explains how to set up the camera back for first-time use, 
take a shot, evaluate it, and edit it. 
The following picture shows the Leaf Aptus digital camera back opening 
screen and menu buttons:
Camera settings
Shoot view
Edit view
Setup menu
Remaining battery power
Number of images in the 
current folder or on the disk
Current user-button action
Number of shots you can still take