Kodak Aptus-II User Guide (en)

Chapter 9 – Working With Leaf WiView
Working With Leaf WiView on an iPAQ Pocket PC
The Leaf WiView application enables you to work independently on an iPAQ Pocket 
PC while another person is working with the Leaf Aptus digital camera back. You can 
perform all image functions on the iPAQ Pocket PC. 
Every time you take a shot, the shot is sent to and appears on the iPAQ Pocket PC. 
The incoming shot replaces whatever is displayed on the iPAQ Pocket PC. 
Note:  If the incoming shot interrupts your workflow, your changes are not 
saved unless you actively saved them before the shot arrived.
Tip:  Avoid setting the gray balance, flagging, or adding a note to the same 
image on the Leaf Aptus digital camera back and iPAQ Pocket PC at the same