Fujifilm 6900 Specification Guide (en)

Powered by the Next-generation Super CCD
The FinePix 6900 Zoom digi-
tal camera features a high-per-
formance 3.3-million pixel
Super CCD, that has been fur-
ther improved over previous
Super CCDs in image quality
including resolution, signal-to-
noise ratio and color repro-
duction, to offer exceptionally
high-quality images and functions normally only found in high-
end professional cameras. 
Low Noise, High Sensitivity
The octagonal-shaped photodiodes of the Super CCD are larger
than those of conventional CCDs. As a result, the photodiodes
gather light more effectively from the lens, delivering a dramatic
improvement in sensitivity (equivalent to ISO 100, 200 or 400),
dynamic range, S/N ratio, and other image properties. The Super
CCD captures images in 12-bit color and records them at an opti-
mal 8 bits, depending on the scene. 
High Resolution
The interwoven arrangement of pixels successfully increases
both horizontal and vertical resolution. As a result, FinePix 6900
Zoom’s 1/1.7-inch 3.3-million pixel Super CCD delivers outstand-
ing, high-resolution image files with 6.0 million pixels (2832 
2128, TIFF or compressed formats).  
Faithful Color Reproduction
Only the Super CCD offers Fujifilm’s superior image-processing
algorithm that faithfully and quickly reproduces colors, from sub-
tle tones to highly saturated primary colors. With the FinePix
6900 Zoom, you can expect colors to reproduce exactly as you
see them.  
Powerful 6✕ Optical Zoom and Selective Digital Zoom
The FinePix 6900 Zoom sports a large diameter, swift-acting
F2.8 Super EBC (Electron Beam Coating) Fujinon 6✕ optical
zoom lens that is equivalent to 35 to 210mm on a 35mm cam-
era. This professional-quality, high-precision lens delivers out-
standing detail and clarity. The zoom lens is of a floating type
and is a mere 46mm in depth with ten elements in seven
groups including two aspherical lenses. It has extremely low
chromatic aberration and multi-layer coating. 
The lens also features a built-in five-blade rounded
diaphragm mechanism with 13 f-stops, which offers a wide
variety of depths of field. 
Smooth digital zooming up to 4.43✕ (in 640 
480 pixel
mode) helps bring the action right in front of your eyes.
Combined with the 6✕ optical zoom, the FinePix 6900 Zoom’s
total magnification effect can be up to approximately 26.6✕
(929mm equivalent). 
Setting a New Standard in Breathtaking Image Quality
35 mm (at full wide)
105 mm 
210 mm (6
optical zoom)
A Great Leap Forward for
Perfect Picture-taking
The FinePix 6900 Zoom is a digital camera with a TTL metering system. Its lightweight and compact magne-
sium alloy body houses a bright, large-diameter, precision 6✕ zoom lens, while the gunmetal black exterior, a
first for any FinePix camera, gives the FinePix 6900 Zoom an aura of sophistication and excitement. The sim-
ple user interface realizes a ‘hands-on’ style of operation similar to that of a film camera, allowing the user full
control over all functions. However, the truly outstanding characteristic of the FinePix 6900 Zoom is its 3.3
megapixel next-generation Super CCD that produces image file sizes with an amazing 6.0 million pixels, deliv-
ering realistic, super high-quality images that will stimulate your shooting creativity. 
Fine mode
2128 pixels,
1/30 sec
ISO 100 equiv
Wider dynamic
Images with
clearer highlights
and shadows
Highly detailed images
Faithful color
Images with colors
that look just like
the subject
High sensitivity
High resolution
Images with no noise, even in shadows, 
and no blurring due to camera shake
Linear tonality
High S/N
Smooth image
tones throughout
Clear images
with low noise