Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Multiple Network Address Translation   4-17
Enter the First and Last Port Number between por ts 1 and 65535. Select OK and press Return. You 
will be returned to the Add NAT Ser ver screen.
Enter the Server Private IP Address of the ser ver whose ser vice you are expor ting.
Since MultiNAT permits the mapping of multiple private IP addresses to multiple public IP addresses, your 
ISP or corporate site’s Router must be configured such that it knows that your multiple public addresses 
are accessible via your Router.
If you want to use static mappings to map internal ser vers to public addresses, your ISP or corporate site's 
Router must also be configured for static routes to these public addresses on the Netopia Router.
Enter the Public IP Address to which you are expor ting the ser vice.
Note: For PAT map lists and ser ver lists, if you use the Public Address, the list will acquire its public IP 
address from the WAN IP address specified by your WAN IP configuration in the Connection Profile. If that is a 
static IP address, then the PAT map list and ser ver lists will acquire that address. If it is a negotiated IP 
address, such as may be assigned via DHCP or PPP, the PAT map list and ser ver lists will acquire that address 
each time it is negotiated.
                             Other Exported Port
         First Port Number (1..65535):      31337
         Last Port Number (1..65535):       31337
              OK                            CANCEL