Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

4-18  Firmware User Guide
Choose the protocol from the pop-up menu: TCP and UDP, TCP only, or UDP only.
Enter the Internal Port Start, if different from and not already preselected from the External Ser vice type 
Select ADD NAT SERVER and press Return. The ser ver will be added to your ser ver list and you will be 
returned to the Add NAT Ser ver List screen.
In order to use CUSeeMe through the Netopia Router, you must expor t the por ts 7648 and 7649. In 
MultiNat, you may use a por t range expor t. Without the expor t, CUSeeMe will fail to work. This is true unless a 
static mapping is in place for the host using CUSeeMe. In that case no ser ver list entr y is necessar y.
Modifying server lists
Once a ser ver list exists, you can select it for modification or deletion.
Select Show/Change Server List from the Network Address Translation screen.
Select the Ser ver List Name you want to modify from the pop-up menu and press Return.
                          Add NAT Server ("my_servers")
         External Service...
         Server Private IP Address:
         Public IP Address:               +-------------+
         Protocol...                      | TCP and UDP |
                                          | TCP         |
         Internal Port Start:             | UDP         |
         ADD NAT SERVER                     CANCEL