Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

4-26  Firmware User Guide
NAT Associations
Configuration of map and ser ver lists alone is not sufficient to enable NAT for a WAN connection because map 
and ser ver lists must be linked to a profile that controls the WAN inter face. This can be a Connection Profile, a 
WAN Ethernet inter face, a default profile, or a default answer profile. Once you have configured your map and 
ser ver lists, you may want to reassign them to different inter face-controlling profiles, for example, Connection 
Profiles. To permit easy access to this IP Setup functionality, you can use the NAT Associations screen.
You access the NAT Associations screen from the Network Address Translation screen.
Select NAT Associations and press Return. The NAT Associations screen appears.
You can toggle NAT? On or Off for each Profile/Inter face name. You do this by navigating to the NAT? field 
associated with each profile using the arrow keys. Toggle NAT on or off by using the Tab key.
You can reassign any of your map lists or ser ver lists to any of the Profile/Inter faces. You do this by 
navigating to the Map List Name or Server List Name field associated with each profile using the arrow 
keys. Select the item by pressing Return to display a pop-up menu of all of your configured lists.
Network Address
Translation (NAT)
                               NAT Associations
    Profile/Interface Name-------------Nat?-Map List Name-----Server List Name
    Default Answer Profile             On   my_first_map      my_servers
    Easy Setup Profile                 On   Easy-PAT          my_servers
    Profile 01                         On   my_second_map     my_servers
    Profile 02                         On   my_first_map      my_server_list
    Profile 03                         On   <<None>>          <<None>>