Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

4-32  Firmware User Guide
MultiNAT Configuration Example
To help you understand a typical MultiNAT configuration, this section describes an example of the type of 
configuration you may want to implement on your site. The values shown are for example purposes only. Make 
your own appropriate substitutions.
A typical DSL ser vice from an ISP might include five user addresses. Without PAT, you might be able to attach 
only five IP hosts. Using simple 1-to-many PAT you can connect more than five devices, but use only one of your 
addresses. Using multiNAT you can make full use of the address range. The example assumes the following 
range of addresses offered by a typical ISP:
Public IP addresses assigned by the ISP are through ( subnet mask).
Your internal devices have IP addresses of through ( subnet 
In this example you will statically map the first five public IP addresses ( - to the first five 
corresponding private IP addresses ( - You will use these 1-to-1 mapped addresses 
to give your ser vers “real” addresses. You will then map to the remaining private IP addresses 
( - using PAT.
The configuration process is as follows:
From the Main Menu go to the Easy Setup and then the Connection Profile screen.
Local WAN IP address:
Local WAN subnet mask:
Remote IP address:
Default gateway:
Netopia Router's address is:
Web ser ver's address is:
Mail ser ver's address is:
FTP ser ver's address is: