Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

4-34  Firmware User Guide
Select Show/Change Public Range, then Easy-PAT Range, and press Return. Enter the value your ISP assigned 
for your public address (, in this example). Toggle Type to pat. Your public address is then mapped to 
the remaining private IP addresses using PAT. (If you were not using the Easy-PAT Range and Easy-PAT List that 
are created by default by using Easy Setup, you would have to define a public range and map list. For the 
purpose of this example you can just alter this range and list.)
Select CHANGE NAT PUBLIC RANGE and press Return. This returns you to the Network Address Translation 
Select Add Public Range and press Return. Type a name for this static range, as shown below. Enter the first 
and last public addresses your ISP assigned in their respective fields as shown. The first five public IP 
addresses ( -, in this example) are statically mapped to the first five corresponding private 
IP addresses ( -
                         Change NAT Public Range
         Range Name:                        Easy-PAT Range
         Type...                            pat
         Public Address:          
         First Public Port:                 49152
         Last Public Port:                  65535
                         Add NAT Public Range
         Range Name:                        Static Range
         Type...                            static
         First Public Address:    
         Last Public Address:     
         ADD NAT PUBLIC RANGE               CANCEL
Return/Enter to commit changes.