Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Multiple Network Address Translation   4-35
Select ADD NAT PUBLIC RANGE and press Return. You are returned to the Network Address Translation 
Next, select Show/Change Map List and choose Easy-PAT List. Select Add Map. The Add NAT Map screen 
appears. (Now the name Easy-PAT List is a misnomer since it has a static map included in its list.) Enter in for the First Private Address and for the Last Private Address. 
Select Use NAT Public Range and from the pop-up menu choose Static Range. Select ADD NAT MAP and 
press Return.
This will statically map the first five public IP addresses to the first five corresponding private IP addresses and 
will map to the remaining private IP addresses using PAT.
Notes on the example
The Easy-Map List and the Easy-PAT List are attached to any new Connection Profile by default. If you want to 
use this NAT configuration on a previously defined Connection Profile then you need to bind the Map List to the 
profile. You do this through either the NAT Associations screen or the profile’s configuration screens.
The PAT par t of this example setup will allow any user on the Netopia Router's LAN with an IP address in the 
range of through to initiate traffic flow to the outside world (for example, the 
Internet). No one on the Internet would be able to initiate a conversation with them.
The Static mapping par t of this example will allow any of the machines in the range of addresses from through to communicate with the outside world as if they were at the addresses through, respectively. It also allows any machine on the Internet to access any ser vice 
(por t) on any of these five machines.
You may decide this poses a security risk. You may decide that anyone can have complete access to your FTP 
ser ver, but not to your Router, and only limited access to the desired ser vices (por ts) on the Web and Mail 
ser vers.
To make these changes, first limit the range of remapped addresses on the Static Map and then edit the 
default ser ver list called Easy-Ser vers. 
                          Add NAT Map ("Easy-PAT List")
         First Private Address:   
         Last Private Address:    
         Use NAT Public Range...
         ADD NAT MAP                        CANCEL