Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

4-36  Firmware User Guide
First, navigate to the Show/Change Map List screen, select Easy-PAT List and then Show/Change Maps. 
Choose the Static Map you created and change the First Private Address from to Now the Router, Web, and Mail ser vers’ IP addresses are no longer included in the range of 
static mappings and are therefore no longer accessible to the outside world. Users on the Internet will not 
be able to Telnet, Web, SNMP, or ping to them. It is best also to navigate to the public range screen and 
change the Static Range to go from
Next, navigate to Show/Change Server List and select Easy-Servers and then Add Server. You should 
expor t both the Web (www-http) and Mail (smtp) por ts to one of the now free public addresses. Select 
Service... and from the resulting pop-up menu select www-http. In the resulting screen enter your Web 
ser ver's address,, and the public address, for example,, and then select ADD NAT 
SERVER. Now return to Add Server, choose the smtp por t and enter, your Mail ser ver's IP 
address for the Server Private IP Address. You can decide if you want to present both your Web and Mail 
ser vices as being on the same public address,, or if you prefer to have your Mail ser ver appear 
to be at a different IP address, For the sake of this example, alias both ser vices to
Now, as before, the PAT configuration will allow any user on the Netopia Router's LAN with an IP address in the 
range of through to initiate traffic flow to the Internet. Someone at the FTP ser ver 
can access the Internet and the Internet can access all ser vices of the FTP machine as if it were at 
The Router cannot directly communicate with the outside world. The only communication between the Web 
ser ver and the Internet is through por t 80, the Web por t, as if the ser ver were located on a machine at IP 
address Similarly, the only communication with the Mail ser ver is through por t 25, the SMTP por t, 
as if it were located at IP address