Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

5-4  Firmware User Guide
About PPTP Tunnels
To set up a PPTP tunnel, you create a Connection Profile including the IP address and other relevant information 
for the remote PPTP par tner. You use the same procedure to initiate a PPTP tunnel that terminates at a remote 
PPTP ser ver or to terminate a tunnel initiated by a remote PPTP client.
PPTP configuration
To set up the Router as a PPTP Network Ser ver (PNS) capable of answering PPTP tunnel requests you must also 
configure the VPN Default Answer Profile. See 
 for more information.
PPTP is a Datalink Encapsulation option in Connection Profiles. It is not an option in device or link configuration 
screens, as PPTP is not a native encapsulation. Consequently, the Easy Setup Profile does not offer PPTP 
datalink encapsulation. See the 
 for information on creating 
Connection Profiles.
Channel 4 (and higher) events, such as connections and disconnections, repor ted in the WAN Event Histories 
are VPN tunnel events.
To define a PPTP tunnel, navigate to the Add Connection Profile menu from the Main Menu.
Add Connection
                             Add Connection Profile
         Profile Name:                      Profile 2
         Profile Enabled:                 +-------------+
         Encapsulation Type...            | PPP         |
         Underlying Encapsulation...      | ATMP        |
                                          | PPTP        |
         Encapsulation Options...         | IPsec       |
                                          | L2TP        |
                                          | GRE         |
         IP Profile Parameters...         +-------------+
         Interface Group...                 Primary
         COMMIT                             CANCEL