Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)   5-5
When you define a Connection Profile as using PPTP by selecting PPTP as the datalink encapsulation method, 
and then select Data Link Options, the PPTP Tunnel Options screen appears.
Enter the PPTP Partner IP Address. This specifies the address of the other end of the tunnel.
If you do not specify the PPTP Par tner IP Address the Router cannot initiate tunnels, i.e., act as a PPTP 
Access Concentrator (PAC) for this profile. It can only accept tunnel requests as a PPTP Network Ser ver 
If you specify the PPTP Par tner IP Address, and the address is in the same subnet as the Remote IP 
Address you specified in the IP Profile Parameters, the Tunnel Via Gateway option becomes visible. You 
can enter the address by which the Router par tner is reached.
If you do not specify the PPTP Par tner IP Address, the Router will use the default gateway to reach the 
par tner and the Tunnel Via Gateway field is hidden. If the par tner should be reached via an alternate por t 
(i.e. the LAN instead of the WAN), the Tunnel Via Gateway field allows this path to be resolved.
From the pop-up menu select an Authentication protocol for the PPP connection. Options are PAP, CHAP, or 
MS-CHAP. The default is PAP. The authentication protocol must be the same on both ends of the tunnel.
You can specify a Data Compression algorithm, either None or Standard LZS, for the PPTP connection.
Note: When the Authentication protocol is MS-CHAP, compression is set to None, and the Data 
Compression option is hidden.
When the authentication protocol is MS-CHAP, you can specify a Data Encryption algorithm for the PPTP 
connection. Available options are MPPE and None (the default). For other authentication protocols, this 
option is hidden. When MPPE is negotiated, the WAN Event Histor y repor ts that it is negotiated as a CCP 
(compression) type. This is because the MPPE protocol uses a compression engine, even though it is not 
itself a compression protocol. 
                             PPTP Tunnel Options
         PPTP Partner IP Address: 
         Tunnel Via Gateway:      
         Authentication...                  CHAP
         Data Compression...                None
         Send Host name:                    tony
         Send Password:                     *****
         Receive Host name:                 kimba
         Receive Password:                  ******
         Initiate Connections:              Yes
         On Demand:                         Yes
         Optional Windows NT Domain Name:
         Idle Timeout (seconds):            300