Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Introduction   1-3
Utilities & Diagnostics
 menus provide a selection of the various tools for monitoring and diagnosing 
the Router's behavior, as well as for updating the firmware and rebooting the system. See 
Statistics & Logs
 menus display several sets of tables and device logs that show information about 
your Router, your network, and their histor y. See 
Quick Menus
 screen is a shor tcut entr y point to a variety of the most commonly used configuration 
menus that are accessed through the other menu entr y points.
Quick View
 menu displays at a glance current real-time operating information about your Router. See 
Netopia Models
Firmware User Guide
 covers all of the Netopia ENT Enterprise-Series Router models. However some 
information in this guide will only apply to a specific model.
Screen differences
Because different Netopia ENT Enterprise-Series models offer many different features and inter faces, the 
options shown on some screens in this 
Firmware User Guide
 may not appear on your own par ticular model’s 
Telnet screen.
These differences are noted throughout the manual.
Connecting through a Telnet Session
Features of Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1 can be configured through the Telnet screens.
Before you can access the console screens through Telnet, you must have:
A network connection locally to the Router or IP access to the Router.
Telnet software installed on the computer you will use to configure the Router
Configuring Telnet software
If you are configuring your device using a Telnet session, your computer must be running a Telnet software