Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

5-12  Firmware User Guide
Enter a GRE Partner IP Address in standard dotted-quad format to specify the address of the other end of 
the tunnel.
You can optionally toggle Send Checksums to Yes to verify that no data corruption or loss is incurred in 
transmission. Ordinarily, it is not necessar y to send checksums, and you can leave the default No.
Sequence Datagrams can also be left at the default No, unless you are other wise instructed. Datagram 
sequencing is mainly needed if compression is being used.
You can enter a 32- bit Key of up to 10-digits (numbers only). The receiver can use this key to identify the 
source of the packet. The key is a way to match a packet to a tunnel connection.
If you choose to enter a key, be sure that both tunnel endpoints' configurations have matching keys.
 If you enter a zero (0), the key field is disabled.
Return to the Add Connection Profile screen by pressing Escape.
Select IP Profile Parameters and press Return.
                             GRE Tunnel Options
         GRE Partner IP Address:  
         Send Checksums:                    No
         Sequence Datagrams:                No
         Key:                               0
Enter an IP address in decimal and dot form (