Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)   5-17
You can specify that this Router will Initiate Connections, acting as a foreign agent (Yes), or only answer 
them, acting as a home agent (No).
Tunnels are normally initiated On Demand; however, you can disable this feature. When disabled, the 
tunnel must be manually established through the call management screens.
You can specify the Idle Timeout, an inactivity timer, whose expiration will terminate the tunnel. A value of 
zero disables the timer. Because tunnels are subject to abrupt termination when the underlying datalink is 
torn down, use of the Idle Timeout is strongly encouraged.
Return to the Connection Profile screen by pressing Escape.
Select IP Profile Parameters and press Return. The IP Profile Parameters screen appears.
Enter the Remote IP Address and Remote IP Mask for the host to which you want to tunnel.
Encryption Support
Encr yption is a method for altering user data into a form that is unusable by anyone other than the intended 
recipient. The recipient must have the means to decr ypt the data to render it usable to them. The encr yption 
process protects the data by making it difficult for any third par ty to get at the original data.
Netopia PPTP is fully compatible with Microsoft Point-to-Point Encr yption (MPPE) data encr yption for user data 
transfer over the PPTP tunnel. Microsoft Windows NT Ser ver provides MPPE encr yption capability only when 
Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (MS-CHAP) is enabled. Netopia complies with this 
feature to allow MPPE only when MS-CHAP is negotiated. MS-CHAP and MPPE are user-selectable options in the 
PPTP Tunnel Options screen. If either the client or the ser ver side specifies encr yption, then encr yption 
becomes mandator y for both.
Netopia’s ATMP implementation suppor ts Data Encr yption Standard (DES) data encr yption for user data 
transfer over the ATMP tunnel between two Netopia Routers. The encr yption option, none or DES, is a 
selectable option in the ATMP Tunnel Options screen.
                            IP Profile Parameters
         Address Translation Enabled:       Yes
         NAT Map List...                    Easy-PAT List
         NAT Server List...                 Easy-Servers
         NAT Options...
         Stateful Inspection Enabled:       No
         Local WAN IP Address:    
         Remote IP Address:       
         Remote IP Mask:          
         Filter Set...
         Remove Filter Set
         NetBIOS Proxy Enabled              No
         RIP Profile Options...
Return/Enter to select Filter Set (Firewall) for this profile.
Configure IP requirements for a remote network connection here.