Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

5-18  Firmware User Guide
MS-CHAP V2 and 128-bit strong encryption
Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1 suppor ts 128-bit (“strong”) encr yption when using PPTP tunnels.
ATMP does not have an option of using 128-bit MPPE. If you are using ATMP between two Netopia Routers 
you can optionally set 56-bit DES encr yption.
When you choose MS-CHAP as the authentication method for a PPTP tunnel, the Netopia Router will star t 
negotiating MS-CHAPv2. If the gateway or VPN adapter client you are connecting to does not suppor t 
MS-CHAPv2, the Netopia Router will fall back to MS-CHAPv1, or, if the gateway or VPN adapter client you 
are connecting to does not suppor t MPPE at all, the PPP session will be dropped. This is done 
automatically and transparently. 
ATMP/PPTP Default Profile
The WAN Configuration menu offers a ATMP/PPTP Default Profile option. Use this selection when your Router is 
acting as the ser ver for VPN connections, that is, when you are on the answering end of the tunnel 
establishment. The ATMP/PPTP Default Profile determines the way the attempted tunnel connection is 
To set the parameters under which the Router will answer attempted VPN connections, select ATMP/PPTP 
Default Profile and press Return. The ATMP/PPTP Default Profile screen appears.
                                WAN Configuration
                     WAN (Wide Area Network) Setup...
                     Display/Change Connection Profile...
                     Add Connection Profile...
                     Delete Connection Profile...
                     WAN Default Profile...
                     ATMP/PPTP Default Profile...
                     Scheduled Connections...
                     Configuration Changes Reset WAN Connection:     Yes