Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

1-4  Firmware User Guide
If you connect a PC with Microsoft Windows, you can use a Windows Telnet application or run Telnet from 
the Star t menu. 
If you connect a Macintosh computer running Classic Mac OS, you can use the NCSA Telnet program 
supplied on the Netopia CD. You install NCSA Telnet by dragging the application from the CD to your hard 
Mac OS X users can use the Terminal application that comes with Mac OS X in the Utilities folder.
Navigating through the Telnet Screens
Use your keyboard to navigate the Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1’s configuration screens, enter and edit 
information, and make choices. The following table lists the keys to use to navigate through the Telnet screens.
Use These Keys...
Move through selectable items in a screen or pop-up menu
Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrow
Set a change to a selected item or open a pop-up menu of 
options for a selected item like entering an upgrade key
Return or Enter
Change a toggle value (Yes/No, On/Off)
Restore an entr y or toggle value to its previous value
Move one item up
Up arrow or Control + O
Move one item down
Down arrow or Control + K
Page up
Control + A
Page down
Control + Z
Display a dump of the device event log
Control + E
Display a dump of the WAN event log
Control + F
Refresh the screen
Control + L