Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

5-24  Firmware User Guide
Click the TCP/IP Settings button. 
If your ISP uses dynamic IP addressing (DHCP), select the Ser ver assigned IP address radio button.
If your ISP uses static IP addressing, select the Specify an IP address radio button and enter your 
assigned IP address in the fields provided. Also enter the IP address in the Primar y and Secondar y 
DNS fields.
Click the OK button in this window and the next two windows.
Windows XP Client Configuration
From your Windows XP desktop, click on Start ---> My Network Places and select View Network 
Connections from the Network Tasks area.
Click Create a New Connection in the Network Tasks area to star t the New Connection Wizard. Click Next.
In the Network Connection Type box that appears, select the Connect to the network at my workplace 
radio button. Click Next.
In the Network Connection box that appears, select the Virtual Private Network connection radio button. 
Click Next.
In the Connection Name window's text box labeled Company Name, assign the name of the organization or 
connection to which you log in.
In the VPN Server Selection window's text box labeled Host Name or IP address, type the Local WAN IP 
address of the router to which you are connecting.
In the Connection Availability window, you can select the Anyone's Use radio button if you want to make 
this connection accessible to other users of your workstation. Other wise, leave it set to the default My use 
only selection. Click Next.
Click Finish. This completes the VPN configuration. Also, you can click the Add a shor tcut to this 
connection to my desktop
 checkbox to put an icon on the desktop.