Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

5-32  Firmware User Guide
Windows Networking Broadcasts
Netopia firmware provides the ability to for ward Windows Networking NetBIOS broadcasts. This is useful for, for 
example, a Vir tual Private Network, in which you want to be able to browse the remote network to which you are 
tunnelling, as par t of your Windows Network Neighborhood.
Routed connections, such as VPNs, can not use NetBEUI to carr y the Network Neighborhood information. They 
need to use NetBIOS, because NetBEUI cannot be routed. This feature will allow browsing the Network 
Neighborhood without any additional workstation configuration.
You enable this feature in the IP Profile Parameters screen of your Connection Profile. The IP Profile Parameters 
screen varies slightly, depending on whether your model router connects directly to the Internet, or if it connects 
via an Ethernet connection through a cable or DSL modem. The enabling feature is the same for both:
Using the Tab key, toggle NetBIOS Proxy Enabled from the default No to Yes, and press Return. Your remote 
Network Neighborhood becomes accessible from your Windows desktop.
The remote IP address and subnet mask should strictly match the IP address and subnet mask 
configured on the LAN inter face of the remote router. See the following example.
When PC #A sends a Windows networking broadcast it sends it with a destination IP
When Router A receives this broadcast it translates the destination of this broadcast to match the remote IP of 
the NetBIOS Proxy-enabled VPN profiles and it for wards the broadcast through the VPN tunnel.
When Router B receives this broadcast, it sends it on its LAN.
PC # A --------- Router A
Router B --------- PC # B