Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

5-34  Firmware User Guide
Microsoft Network browsing is available with or without a Windows Internet Name Ser vice (WINS) 
ser ver. Shared volumes on the remote network are accessible with or without a WINS ser ver. Local LAN shared 
volumes that have Por t Address Translation (PAT) applied to them are not available to hosts on the remote LAN. 
For tunnelled traffic, NAT on the WAN has no effect on the Microsoft Networking traffic.
Make sure the NetBIOS filter is not enabled in your Internet Connection Profile. 
Netopia includes the NetBIOS Proxy feature as an enhancement and convenience for our customers. It has 
been lab-tested and many customers use it successfully. However, Netopia cannot guarantee that this feature 
will automatically give you the  networking functionality you expect. There are many possible issues with the 
various Windows operating systems that may prevent NetBIOS from functioning as described above. Netopia 
Technical Suppor t does not troubleshoot problems customers may encounter with their Windows operating