Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Internet Key Exchange (IKE) IPsec Key Management for VPNs   6-11
Key Management
You specify your IKE key management on a per-Connection Profile basis. You can do this in one of three ways:
You can create your IKE Phase 1 Profile first, and then associate it with an existing Connection Profile
You can create a Connection Profile and then modify it to associate it with an existing IKE Phase 1 Profile
You can create a new Connection Profile and add a new IKE Phase 1 Profile as you go
You can do this WAN Configuration menus.
 for instructions on creating a Connection Profile if you 
don’t already know how to do that.
You can access the Key Management menus from the Change Connection Profile menu under the WAN 
Configuration screen for a Connection Profile you have already created,
or you can create a new Connection Profile with your IKE settings included, as you go.
The IKE Key management settings are par t of the Data Link Options that you specify in the Add Connection 
Profile or Change Connection Profile menus. In this description, it is assumed that you are changing an existing 
Connection Profile.
A Change Connection Profile screen is shown below.
Example #1: Change Connection Profile menu, showing Encapsulation Type pop-up:
WAN Configuration
Connection Profile
                             Change Connection Profile
         Profile Name:                      Easy Setup Profile
         Profile Enabled:                 +-------------+
         Encapsulation Type...            | PPP         |
         Encapsulation Options...         | ATMP        |
                                          | PPTP        |
                                          | IPsec       |
         IP Profile Parameters...         +-------------+
         Telco Options...
         COMMIT                             CANCEL