Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

6-12  Firmware User Guide
The Change Connection Profile screen will offer different options, depending on the model of gateway 
you are using. You can associate an IPsec profile with the Primar y, the Backup, or choose to apply it to Any Por t 
of the WAN inter face by choosing the inter face from the Interface Group pop-up menu as shown below.
Example #2: Add Connection Profile menu, showing Interface Group pop-up:
From the Encapsulation Type pop-up menu, select IPsec. Then select Encapsulation Options and press Return.
The IPsec Tunnel Options screen appears.
                             Add Connection Profile
         Profile Name:                      Profile 1
         Profile Enabled:                   Yes
         Encapsulation Type...              IPsec
         Encapsulation Options...
         IP Profile Parameters...
         Interface Group...               | Primary      |
                                          | Backup       |
                                          | Any Port     |
         COMMIT                             CANCEL
                             IPsec Tunnel Options
         Key Management...                  IKE
         IKE Phase 1 Profile...
         Encapsulation...                   ESP
         ESP Encryption Transform...        DES
         ESP Authentication Transform...    HMAC-MD5-96
         Advanced IPsec Options...
                 COMMIT                     CANCEL