Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Internet Key Exchange (IKE) IPsec Key Management for VPNs   6-17
Advantages of Multiple Network IPsec are:
flexibility, by adding any combination of remote/local network ranges
suppor t for sub-netting, host and network range addressing modes
works with manual keying and Internet Key Exchange (IKE), including Xauth IKE extension (see 
each IPsec network works under the same local/remote tunnel endpoints
Select Add Network and press Return. The Add Network Configuration screen appears.
The Remote Member Format and Local Member Format pop-up menus allow you to choose a format for 
your network end points: Subnet, Range, or a single Host Address.
If you choose Subnet, you must enter the Remote Member Address and the subnet mask that is the 
Remote Member Mask.
Enter the Local Member Address and the Local Member Mask in their respective fields.
If you choose Range, the next two fields become Remote Member 1st Address and Remote Member 
Last Address. You supply these values.
Complete the Local Member 1st Address and Local Member Last Address fields.
If you choose Host Address, you need only supply the Remote Member Address and the Local Mem-
ber Address; the other fields are hidden.
Select COMMIT and press Return to add the configuration. This returns you to the IP Profile Parameters 
screen. Select COMMIT and press Return in the IP Profile Parameters screen. This returns you to the 
Change Connection Profile screen. Select COMMIT and press Return in the Change Connection Profile 
                             Add Network Configuration
         Remote Member Format...          | Subnet       |
         Remote Member Address:           | Range        |
         Remote Member Mask:              | Host Address |
         Local Member Format...           +--------------+
         Local Member Address:    
         Local Member Mask:       
         COMMIT                             CANCEL