Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

6-18  Firmware User Guide
• Any two IPsec tunnels differ only by the local/remote networks they are intended to reach; they have the 
same encr yption policy, which is derived from the base profile.
• The feature is limited to 8 networks per tunnel.
If you return to the IP Profile Parameters screen, two new fields are displayed:
Display/Change Network allows you to make changes to existing network configurations you have made. If 
you select Display/Change Network, a list of your configured networks displays.
                             IP Profile Parameters
         Remote Tunnel Endpoint:  
         Add Network...
         Display/Change Network...
         Delete Network...
         Address Translation Enabled:       No
         Stateful Inspection Enabled:       No
         Filter Set...                      <<None>>
         Remove Filter Set
         NetBIOS Proxy Enabled              No
         Advanced IP Profile Options...
                 COMMIT                     CANCEL
Define new local/remote member(s)
                               Display/Change Network Configuration
Net #---Type----Start-Address---Size----------Type----Start-Address---Size------
 ----------------------------------SCROLL UP-----------------------------------
 1      SUBNET     /24          SUBNET     /24
 2      SUBNET        /8           SUBNET        /8
 3        HOST  -              HOST  -
 4       RANGE  21            RANGE  100
 ---------------------------------SCROLL DOWN----------------------------------