Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Internet Key Exchange (IKE) IPsec Key Management for VPNs   6-19
Scroll down and up with the arrow keys to select the one you want to change, and press Return. You will be 
returned to the Network Configuration screen where you can make any required changes.
If you select Delete Network in the IP Profile Parameters screen, the same scrolling list will display. When 
you select one of the networks and press Return, a warning screen will ask you to confirm your choice:
Specifying IKE key management alters the Advanced IP Profile Options screen as follows:
You can specify a Local Tunnel Endpoint Address. If not, this value must be one of the assigned 
inter face addresses, either WAN or LAN. This is used as the source address of all IPsec traffic.
You can specify a Next Hop Gateway. If you specify the Remote Tunnel Endpoint Address, and the address 
is in the same subnet as the Remote Members Network you specified in the IP Profile Parameters, the 
Next Hop Gateway option allows you to enter the address by which the Router par tner is reached.
If you do not specify the Remote Tunnel Endpoint Address, the Router will use the default gateway to reach 
the par tner. If the par tner should be reached via an alternate por t (for example, the LAN instead of the 
WAN), the Next Hop Gateway field allows this path to be resolved.
You can specify an Idle Timeout (seconds) value. The idle timeout tells the Router that if no traffic passes 
through the tunnel for the specified number of seconds, no automatic SA re-key should be per formed. 
When new traffic does pass through the tunnel, the idle timeout inter val resets again when the current SAs 
 1     +--------------------------------------------------------------+24
 2     | Are you sure you want to delete this network configuration?  |8
 3     |                                                              |
 4     |            CANCEL                         CONTINUE           |00
       |                                                              |
       |                                                              |
                             Advanced IP Profile Options
         Local Tunnel Endpoint Address:
         Next Hop Gateway:        
         Idle Timeout (seconds):            300
         Maximum Packet Size:               1500
Enter an IP address in decimal and dot form (